Pet Foods We Recommend

Why we recommend Hills®Science Diet®
and Hill's®Prescription Diet® vs. other diets.


HILLS: offers a 100% money back guarantee.
OTHERS: Very few other companies offer any type of guarantee.

HILLS: has over 65 years of research and experience that goes into their product.
OTHERS: Approximately 600 new diets were formulated from a computer in 2007 alone.  Be wise, use the internet to research how many new popular pet food brands have become so - due to their great marketing skills!  

HILLS: manufactures it’s own pet food.
OTHERS: The majority of the other dog foods are contracted to be made in four manufacturing plants not owned by the company.

HILLS: only buys the best quality of products and test their ingredients before using and after production prior to selling.
OTHERS: Other companies buy the cheapest quality food and don’t test the final product until there is a problem.

HILLS: has been instrumental in developing nutritional standards for the industry.
OTHERS: because there are no legal standards it has become a buyer beware market.

HILLS: products are highly digestible so it produces fewer stools.
OTHERS: Most diets are less digestible so you get more for your dollar. In reality, you get very expensive stools because the ingredients have limited food value.

HILLS: is recommended most frequently by veterinarians (better health).
OTHERS:Other diets are designed for palatability and profit.

HILLS: A large percentage of Hills Prescription Diets have undergone double blind-evidence based studies to prove efficiency.
OTHERS:Most (up to 80%) of the commercial diets were formulated using a computer and have not even done animal testing.

HILLS: does feeding trials to see how animals do on the diet.
OTHERS:Very few others do anything more than palatability (taste) tests.

HILLS: spends millions on research.
OTHERS: Most other diets spend their money on marketing, not on research.

HILLS: diets are formulated for specific age/needs groups.
OTHERS: A large number of diets on the market are labeled “All Life Stages” (see which means it is for puppies and pregnant bitches regardless of what it says on the label. 

HILLS: has on-staff veterinarians.
OTHERS: Most other dog food manufacturers do not have veterinarians on staff.

HILLS: are fixed formula diets.
OTHERS: Most other diets are variable formula diets; this means the companies often change formulas based on price of commodities. 

HILLS: is designed to improve health & longevity.
OTHERS: Most diets are designed for palatability (taste) and profit.

HILLS: several diets are actually designed to treat conditions and are backed with research.
OTHERS: Many diets make claims of treatments but only have testimonials to back claims.

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