End Of Life Care

Dogkitt.jpgWe know that the final period of a pet's life brings to a close years of friendship and love. It is the goal of Dr. Els Slurink and staff to help keep your pet comfortable as possible and focus on their quality of life . We provide expert counseling regarding diet, exercise, alternative therapies, pain control, and environmental modifications for older, ill, or painful pets. Together, we can help make the decisions regarding types and lengths of treatment available for your pet. 

However, there comes a time when the decision is made to euthanize a pet. Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center provides several options which are available during this time for both you and your pet. For instance, you may chose to be present or not be present at the time of your pets passing.  You may chose to have the ashes of your pet returned or not have them returned.  Or you may wish to have Dr Slurink come to your home and have your pet in their normal surroundings. Most importantly, you are in control of what you think is best for yourself and your family.

When situations permit, many of our clients chose to pre-arrange the appointment by making their choices prior to the actual date when they euthanize.  An appointment with Dr.Els Slurink to discuss options of treatment or finalizing the arrangements can make the day a bit less distracting.

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