Internal Medicine

Internal medicine involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that are not treated with surgery. This might include problems with the eyes, skin, heart, digestion, nervous system, hormones and limbs. If your pet is not feeling up to par, Dr. Els Slurink at Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center is here to help.  Skilled, through many years of experience, at combining the history of your pet's problem with a thorough medical examination so that sound recommendations can be made. Part of the examination is the use of tests when necessary because many times blood samples, urine specimens or x-rays are needed to accurately prescribe a strategy of care. The diagnostic plan is then rapidly implemented, using state-of-the-art equipment. This swift diagnosis allows for immediate treatment and usually results in the quick and effective management of most problems. Pets requiring hospitalization are cared for by our compassionate nursing staff, which puts the needs of your pet first

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