Preventative Care

Just as people see doctors for wellness visits, pets can benefit from preventative care to stay happy and healthy. These visits can play an important role in discovering health problems early so pets can be treated as soon as possible. Preventative care for pets can also help reduce the risk of serious health issues. At Cleveland Pet Hospital and Health Center, we offer fear free visits for pets in Caldwell, ID. Give us a call at (208) 459-0709 to set up an appointment at our animal hospital with Dr. Els Slurink, our “veterinarian near me.”

Preventive Care

What Is Preventative Care for Pets?

This type of routine care involves a physical exam to check for signs of potential health issues. At our animal hospital, preventative care also includes heartworm and parasite prevention, vaccinations, and flea and tick prevention. These services can help protect your pets from unwanted illnesses that can lead to serious health problems or complications. We may recommend you schedule these routine visits at least once a year or more often for older pets or pets with certain health conditions.

Importance of Preventative Pet Care

Pets can develop illnesses slowly over time. Without early detection, these illnesses can become severe. Preventative pet care can help lower the risk of this, since our vet checks for early signs of health conditions. You can also bring up any concerns you have about your pet’s health during these routine visits. In addition, you can have your pet’s vaccinations updated as needed and receive flea, tick, and heartworm prevention to help your pet stay healthy.

What to Expect during Vet Visits

When you bring your pet in for a routine visit, our veterinarian will do a physical exam. This includes checking your pet all over for signs of health problems, such as listening to his heart and examining his ears for infections. Our veterinary team will also make sure your pet is up-to-date on vaccines. If you need heartworm preventatives or flea and tick prevention products, you can discuss these with our vet. During these visits, we can also check your pet’s weight and provide advice on nutrition if needed. You can use this time to bring up any concerns you have about your pet’s overall health or behavior.

Get Vet Care from a Fear Free Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

If you’re looking for a vet near you who provides pets with a fear free visit, contact us at Cleveland Pet Hospital and Health Center in Caldwell, ID. Call us at (208) 459-0709 for an appointment with our “veterinarian near me,” Dr. Slurink. We look forward to providing your pets with routine care to help keep them healthy.

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