Pet Dermatology FAQ

Pet Dermatology FAQ

Skin issues can plague even the healthiest of pets. Here at our Caldwell, ID, veterinarian clinic, our team is well-versed in pet dermatology and is proud to offer our clients pet skin care solutions for a variety of skin conditions. Naturally, we are always eager to share our knowledge with clients struggling with their pet's skin care for the first time. For more information about dermatology vet care, contact us at Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center.

Pet Dermatology

What Are the Basics of Pet Dermatology from a Dermatology Vet?

Pet dermatology is a type of veterinary care that focuses on diagnosing and treating skin conditions in pets. Our veterinarian may see cats and dogs who suffer from skin issues resulting from things like allergies, parasites, an autoimmune disorder, and more.

When Should I See a Dermatology Vet?

Some of the common reasons our clients may schedule a pet exam or consult with a dermatology vet include:

•             For a pet that has been persistently itching, scratching, or licking a part of his body

•             For a pet that is experiencing hair loss or balding patches in his fur

•             For a pet that has skin sores or skin that looks inflamed and red

•             For a pet that shows an odd change in skin texture or even a different skin color

•             For a pet that experiences chronic ear infections or consistently shakes his head

What Type of Skin Condition Could Be Causing My Pet's Symptoms?

Skin conditions can have different underlying symptoms. When you bring your pet in for a pet allergies pet exam, our veterinarian will give him a physical examination and potentially further tests so as to pinpoint the exact cause of the issue. Some of the most common causes our vet may see at our animal clinic include:

•             Allergens

•             Infections

•             Autoimmune Disorders

•             Poor or Improper Grooming

Get Pet Skin Care, Dermatology Vet Care, and a Pet Allergies Pet Exam from a Veterinarian Near You

The best way to determine the cause of your pet's skin issues is to have them seen by an experienced dermatology vet. Contact Dr. Slurink today to schedule an appointment. Call us at (208) 459-0709 for pet skin care, dermatology vet care, and a pet allergies pet exam from a veterinarian near you. We at Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center in Caldwell, ID, are here to help.

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