Fear Free Vet Services in Caldwell, ID

We at Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center in Caldwell, ID, are fear free certified pet hospital. What this means for our pet patients that is we are available to provide veterinary services in a friendly, caring, compassionate, stress-free, and trusting environment. 


About Our Fear Free Certified Pet Hospital

At our fear free certified pet hospital, our focus is on providing the appropriate care for all our patients. With our range of services, our team and vet can provide the medical services your pet needs throughout its lifetime.

From very young pet patients to seniors living their golden years, you can rely on us to check, treat, recommend, and provide the services your pet needs throughout his life. From routine wellness exams to end of life care, you can rely on us to treat your pet as part of our family.

Our Veterinarian Services

We provide services in many areas, including preventative care, such as flea and tick prevention, to help make sure your pet is protected.

Some of our other veterinarian services include:

    • Dental care (dental check-up, teeth cleaning, and polishing)
    • End of life care (counseling on care, exercise, pain control, diet, and end of life arrangements for elderly or ill pets.)
    • Laboratory services (bloodwork and radiology)
    • Pain control and treatment (pet owner consultation and recommendations)
    • Parasite control (external fleas, ticks, mites, and internal worms)
    • Pet identification microchips (implanting microchips for safety and security for your pet)
    • Puppy and kitten care (initial exams and vaccinations)
    • Surgery (spay, neuter, tumor removal)
    • Weight control (treatment and prevention)
    • Vaccinations (first-time vaccinations and annual vaccinations)

It can be important that you bring your pet in for annual pet wellness exams. These exams help us to uncover any pet problems early so that your pet can get treatment. These wellness exams are also a good time to update your pet’s vaccinations and even provide pet microchipping with your permission.

Get Spay and Neuter Surgery from Our Fear Free Vet at Our Fear Free Certified Pet Hospital

With our range of pet services at Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center, your pet is in good hands. Whether making an appointment for a spay or neuter or receiving annual vaccinations, our team is ready to help your pet lead a happy and healthy life. Our health center in Caldwell, ID, is here for you.  Call us at (208) 459-0709 for our veterinary services, including spay and neuter surgery.

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