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Welcome to Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center!

Dr Els’s goal at the Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center is to make your pet's time here a “Fear-Free experience”  in  Canyon County’s first Fear Free Certified Veterinary Practice!   Everything Dr Els does here at Cleveland Pet Hospital in Caldwell, ID, is intentional. Decades of experience with general veterinary practice have taught us that a pet is more than just its “physical health”.  Their mind and mental wellness IS an integral part of who they are.  Here, your precious pet will receive the utmost attention and care in all facets of its health.

Dr Els Partners with You

It's a great experience when a vet and an owner work together to make the whole visit a calming one for the pets involved. Dr Els does that by offering advice, like how do you make a trip to the vet without fear anxiety, and stress in the first place, before you even leave home. A Fear Free approach is a better experience for everyone – patients, clients, and the Doctor. Anxiety-free visits for clients, and patients help ensure repeat visits.  . Continuing to educate people who share their homes with pets of all kinds about the value and benefits of a fear Free approach is a win-win.

Our Hospital Is Soothing and Calm

Dr Els  is sympathetic to pets who may be nervous about coming to the vet. That's why she does not  force her presence on them. Founded on the science of behavior and backed by leading experts in the areas of veterinary behavior, medicine and handling, Fear Free is an innovative education company serving veterinary professionals, pet professionals, the shelter community, and pet owners to help prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets.  By looking after both the physical and emotional wellbeing of pets.  Dr Els is uniquely positioned to improve pets’ lives and strengthen the human-animal bond.

Get Spay or Neuter Surgery and Vet Care from a Fear Free Veterinarian at Our Animal Hospital

Dr. Els at the Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center wants to create a welcoming atmosphere for every pet that comes in. Her goal is to not be the typical pet hospital, with an antiseptic feel to it. You will also be reassured during your experience, since she knows that it can be an equally nervous experience for a client. We will help all the pets of Caldwell, ID, with their veterinary needs. Contact our veterinarian near you at our animal hospital today for an appointment. We can provide a number of different services, including spay or neuter surgery.



Your pet's health, happiness and well being are our primary goals.

Dr. Els Slurink  DVM

Cleveland Pet Hospital & Health Center

2619 Cleveland Blvd Caldwell, ID 83605

(208) 459-0709


Location and Hours

2619 Cleveland Blvd Caldwell, ID 83605


8:00 am - 1:00 pm


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Creating a path to health for you and your pet

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